Better Days Distillery & Cocktail Bar


You know the commercial you see on TV about "Amazon, started from a garage, Harley Davidson, started from a garage, Disney, started from a garage" and so on.... Well, Rumshine Distilling, started from a garage. It started as a conversation between Ernie L Trinkle II, and his neighbor. After talking about it for a while, Ernie decided to try his hand with different recipes. Family and friends really enjoyed what was being made.  Soon, Ernie and his friend L. Tyler Langston, jr. who would soon become Ernie's partner, started to discuss opening an actual distillery. After a long process, and presenting their idea to the Tilton, IL City Board, They received their license in August of 2013. What started as a conversation  eventually became a reality. Doors opened in October, 2013. Rumshine Distilling had become Vermilion County's first legal craft distillery in 2013!!!

‚ÄčAs with other businesses, there is always a need for expansion. Rumshine decided that they wanted to do more than just sell their spirits, they wanted to create an atmosphere where our customers can not only come in and sample our spirits, but could also sit down and enjoy some tasty drinks. Expansion was started and now Rumshine Distillery has now become Rumshine Distillery and Bar!

Rumshine is located at:

8 S. Hodge St.

Danville, IL



Tuesday-Thursday 12-10:00PM
Friday 12-11:00PM 

Sunday 2-6:00PM