Better Days Distillery & Cocktail Bar

19% ALC/VOL  38 Proof

         Tastes like Banana Laffy Taffy!!

19% ALC/VOL 38 Proof

Cherry Strudel

Baked Banana

At Rumshine, all or our products are gluten free!

The Sampler Pack

All fourteen of our samplers in a pack!

Buck & A Quarter

62 1/2% ALC/VOL  125 Proof

The name pretty much says it all!  A clean, smooth shine of 125 Proof! This isn't for beginners!



40% ALC/VOL  80 Proof

Starting out like Rumshine 8, We add Hungarian oak cubes. After it's lightly aged, we remove the cubes, allow it to rest, and then bottle it. With this shine, the first thing you taste is the alcohol, then you taste the Hungarian oak with a wildflower honey finish!

Prices range from $1.50-$35.00 Tax not included

Available sizes are:  



1/2 Liter


Sampler Packs(50ML)

19% ALC/VOL   38 Proof

A southern sweet tea, that is brewed in house. Not only is this shine great on the rocks or warm, this sweet tea is also decaffeinated!


40% ALC/VOL  80 Proof

We ferment wildflower honey. Then distill it, cut it to 80 proof with distilled water. Nice clean shine!

Rumshine 8

30% ALC/VOL   60 Proof

Made with cinnamon and brown sugar, this spirit leaves you with a nice candied finish taste in your mouth

That Purple Stuff

19% ALC/VOL   38 Proof

Made with real lemon juice, this refreshing shine is sure to take the heat off of summer!

Laid-Back Lemonade

Tilton Tea

19% ALC/VOL   38 Proof

Tastes as good as it sounds! Made with real apple juice, whether having it warm, chilled...or splashing it over some ice cream for that A La Mode effect, this spirit is perfect for all seasons!  


Apple Strudel

A cherrylicious strudel to give you just enough of the sweet with a little bit of tart!